MINI-BROEVO & RT-BROEVO designed for BROMPTON folding bikes, to upgrade carbon T700 fork and rear triangle.Keep the original size,Compatible for caliper brake,disc brake。Tested and passed by Europe EN 14764。
MINI-01D/MINI-01V Carbon fork,designed for folding bikes or minivelo of various brands to reduct weight.Make bicycle more comfort , smart and high-level.
T700 carbon fiber, high quality, patented magnetic mount design,retaining the practicability of the folding magnetic attraction, also highly matches the bike to add more beauty.
The design of the five spokes is not just simple, beautiful,even more balance the force when riding, make better aerodynamic performance. T700+T800 carbon fiber material ,ensure good shock absorption, lighter weight and greater strength.
Sizes have 349 406 451 , 6 bolts or center lock disc brakes.
SR50 seris Carbon wheels
Have 406 451 size, carbon T700 ,50mm high profile,light weight and improve speed for folding bikes or minivelo.
SR42 Seris alloy wheels 406 451 size
Aluminum G609, CNC machined, Taiwan quality.Seamless welding process,looks more beautiful,and ensure the strength. 42mm high profile, aero and narrow-width design,It is an excellent choice for urban riding and pursuit of speed.
SR38A seris alloy wheels
406 451 Size
38mm medium profile rims,wide inner distance ,fit for more wide tyres.Smart welding.
Rim / Disc Brake for multi brand folding bikes and Minivelo.
SR40 seris alloy wheels
Alloy 6061,anodized,349 406 451 size
40mm profile, good price for upgrading folding bikes or minivelo to use aero model wheels
SR30A seris alloy wheels
Alloy 6061,anodized,305 349 size
30mm profile, wide inner distance suit for wider tyres,to make sure small size wheels for stable and comfortable riding.
NBR seris alloy wheels
349 406 451 Size
Taiwan KINLIN rims,19mm low profile rims,very smart and super light rims .
Various types, fit for BROMPTON DAHON TERN folding bikes or minivelo bikes.
XR240 seris alloy wheels
Have 355 406 451 size
TAIWAN KINLIN rims XR240,super light and quality rims,24mm profile.
Various specs hubs ,suit for BIRDY DAHON TERN Folding Bikes
STEAM the prototype of the minivelo frame of SILVEROCK brand. 4130 chrome steel, pure manual welding. Chrome-steel has better shock absorption and better comfort than aluminum alloy.



The SILVEROCK brand was founded in 2016, with the development concept of "better" (better products, better service, better experience), focusing on folding bikes, minivelo accessories, such as frames, fork ,wheelsets , Design, development, production and sales of mid-to-high-end quality products such as front forks, so that cyclists can get more comfortable riding flow in the upgrade. Welcome to SILVEROCK!